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Lifetime Disc Sports, LLC » Services

Event Administration & Execution

At least twenty times per year Lifetime Disc Sports hosts an organized disc golf event. These include but are not limited to: leagues, demonstrations, corporate outings, fundraisers, and nationally sanctioned tournaments. We also oversee an online registration service which can be used by anyone looking to collect pre-registration for any type of event.

Disc Equipment & Sales

Do you really need a driver, a mid-range, and a putter? Are you lost when someone tells you about a hyzer or anhyzer? Or maybe you want to get that perfect portable basket for your friend but you have no idea why some are less than $100 and why some cost $500. Lifetime Disc Sports is a distributor for nearly every disc golf manufacturer available so not only can we get you the latest and greatest products but we also know what we are taking about when you buy them.

Disc Golf Course Consulting & Design

Courses are sprouting up every day. In less than 40 years we have seen disc golf courses grow from the first one in 1976 to over 3,000 globally. Most of that growth has come in the past 15 years. Investing in a course is a great decision and many different models can be successful.

Lifetime Disc Sports is a proud member of the Disc Golf Course Designers Group and has worked extensively on dozens of course projects. Course design is a skill and you want to be sure that your course is safe, fun, and challenging. If you are missing any one of those three components it might be under utilized.